About Us

xgames We specialize in helping manage events, marketing promotions, and specialized staffing all across this fine country and into Canada. We have successfully executed events (of all sizes) in 50 of the largest cities in the United States and a couple Canadian provinces! Chances are that we've been where you want to go.

While we maintain somewhat normal offices in key cities around the US, we keep our secret agents ready to execute your event everywhere else.

Oh yeah, BTW - we are very “agency friendly!”

Our favorite thing to do in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is to dream up amazing events for our clients and then turn them into reality. Whether it's creating a futuristic Hockey Arena for the NHL All Star Game; simulating the day in the life of an All-Star Pro Baseball Player for MLB.com; partnering with the most luxurious ski resort in Aspen for a Film Festival Weekend for Men's Journal; or setting up a sophisticated, sexy rooftop dinner soiree/test drive for Jaguar's newest car; we help you dream big and in color and then share that dream with your guests in real time.

You build the event, we will get them to show up. Let us know your target demographic (male 18-24, female 21-30, $100+HHI, Trendsetters, Market Influencers) and we will do the outreach, manage the RSVPs, build the master Guest List and handle the Check-In table. We sound like pros, because we are pros! Trust us and go inside and enjoy your party!

We have been using social media for marketing/brand building since BEFORE the internet (remember mailing invites or using radio or magazines?) and we haven't lost our (cutting) edge. Let us help explain and execute your social media strategy (what can/should you do with Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter)- so that way you sound like a in-the-know hipster/rockstar to your boss/clients.

It's not lost on us that having the 'right' people working for your event is a critical part of its success. Sometimes you need to bring on special staff with a certain 'look' (very, very attractive) or a special skill (can contort their bodies into a pretzel) to get your point across or your message noticed. We are here to help - we book hundreds (if not thousands) of special order staff every year. Try to stump us (please!).

plus  Promotional models (conference, expos, conventions, sales meetings, etc.)
plus  Brand Ambassadors (product, brand, etc.)
plus  TV and commercial models (casting services for feature and extras)
plus  Print models (magazine, catalog, etc.)
plus  Performance artists (acrobats, fire-eaters, break-dancers, etc)
plus  Special Event Brand Ambassadors, Hosts, and Greeters
plus  Atmosphere Models
plus  Celebrity Appearances and Judges

Key Office ArkEnd Locations:
We started from humble beginnings in New Orleans; and have since grown to be one of the most dynamic special events and talent scouting teams in the United States.

We now have offices strategically located all over the US to better serve the needs of our customers.

Los Angeles, CA
New Orleans, LA
Chicago, IL
Portland, OR
Las Vegas, NV
Tampa, FL
Boston, MA

Our client list includes many of the premiere marketing, brand, and creative companies in the US. If you are a big agency and want to protect your client relationship, we totally get it, we are very agency friendly. So, where and when can we help you?!